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I am heavily influenced by creative documentary photography, capturing raw, uninterrupted moments, the recipe for truly revealing emotion. I focus my energy into becoming quick, adaptable, and able to get the shots by being ready at the right moments. However, the best wedding photographers wear many hats. While shooting weddings, portrait photography play an important role into creating complete, breath-taking coverage of a wedding day. The icing on the cake comes from an artistic and experimental mind, and the goal of creating “how did-you-do-that” photos using unusual angles and interesting lighting.

We blend into your day. The attention is not on us as we take the shots you would expect including details and family portraits. You will of course hear from us during family and portrait shoots, otherwise, we go by our day quietly documenting and exceeding you expectations.

Your wedding is YOUR day. While thankful to have been chosen, I am humble, friendly, and respectful, and will never forget that without you, there is no Liam Photography. To all of my past and future clients – I sincerely thank you.

The combination of vendors create a team of professionals carefully chosen by you. I treat everyone with friendliness and respect. Though our services are vastly different, we are all equal, as we work together and have the common and simple goal of making our clients happy. I will listen and help in any way that I can.

I have been told that I have a calming presence during weddings. I smile quite a bit and believe that it is a true reflection of being where I want to be and doing exactly what I love to do. My personality fits a wedding day like a glove and I always realize that aside from all professional demands, I find myself being a mellow person having a lot of fun, and being happy doing what I do.

When I don’t have cameras hanging off of my arms and neck, there is a very good chance you will find me in the Pacific Ocean, at home cooking, or in a soccer field with my son, Liam. In case you are wondering, that’s where the name of my studio came from :).

Back in 2006, while working for the Wilmington Star News (North Carolina) as an Online Editor, I was extremely fortunate to work with the newspaper’s all-star crew of photojournalists and was always mesmerized by their ability and quality of work. At the time I was already exposed to the wedding industry and had shot a number of wedding videos. I made the decision that I was going to take a step further and do whatever it took to become a creative wedding photojournalist. With the help of my co-workers (especially Jeff Otto for giving me a detailed “to buy” list), I was guided to do it right, and invest in the absolute best professional equipment. Then I went to work, studied, then studied some more. The rest is history.

The amazing photojournalists to whom I am forever thankful: Logan Wallace, Paul Steven, Matt Born, Mark Courtney, Ken Blevins, and Jeff Otto. I miss the old days:)

With the help of good friend and phenomenal photographer Hayley West-Blackburn, I have become an avid fashion photographer. With years of experimentation and dedication, I love creating beautiful, different, and interesting photos and have had the chance to work with the most beautiful models in many jaw-dropping locations along the Central Coast.

Liam Photography is located on the Central Coast of California, and we are available for destination weddings and shoots all over the globe. Give me a call or send me a message. Getting to know you is where it all begins.

Call us at:
910-200-5777 (Cell – I carry this one with me everywhere!)
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