Photography Classes and Workshops

Photography workshops provide us with a great opportunity to better our skills and proficiency. The downside is that they are costly and often require extensive time commitments and travel. We are all different, learn at different paces, and have different needs.

If you are a beginner, student, or a hobbyist – this is a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and jump to the next level. I have been shooting for nearly a decade and I hope that the galleries on this website speak for my skills and abilities.

If you are a professional, my classes may provide you with a great opportunity to hone your skills. I have mentored a number of professional wedding photographers on improving workflow and editing techniques, low-light shooting abilities, and how to better handle on and off-camera flash.

All of the pictures on this website were taken and edited by me – take a look around and if my work speaks to you, be in touch!


Why take a photography class with Liam Photography?

  • Price: Considerably cheaper than a typical photography seminar.
  • I offer individual classes so my attention is devoted to you only. I may offer a small group workshop assuming that the group knows one another and have similar skill levels.
  • Classes are tailored to your needs. You learn what you want to learn about, NOT what a seminar offers. Refer to skill set list below to get started.
  • Mix and match techniques and create your desired learning experience.
  • No major time commitment: The day and time of your class is set to fit your schedule. Though my availability varies depending on the number of classes I have scheduled, we will find the right day and time for you.
  • Equipment is provided! It is highly recommended that you learn using your own equipment, however, all of my gear is available to you, including professional level lenses and off-camera lighting equipment.
  • Canon or Nikon? I love all cameras and for the purpose of learning, it makes no difference.
  • We learn on-location and we pick the locations and time depending on the skill set you are after. I am located near San Luis Obispo, CA, and will meet you within a 50-mile radius at no extra charge, otherwise travel expenses may apply. If needed, models may be available.


  • Exposure: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO – the basics. If any of this remains a mystery to you, let’s start here. Even if you generally understand these basic concepts, learn how to use them to your advantage. Learn solid starting points for every condition you may encounter. Learn to deal with difficult light conditions and make the most out of a low-light situation.
  • Lenses: Too many lenses, so little money… Identify your goal, pick and learn how to use the right lens for the job. Understanding depth-of-field and what can be done with the equipment you own.
  • Focusing: how to use your camera to increase the number of images that are sharp and in-focus, regardless of the amount of available light. Zone focus, focusing modes, moving subjects, low-light, etc.
  • Camera modes and techniques: Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, exposure compensation, focusing modes? Not only learn what these are but how to choose the proper mode and options given an array of different conditions.
  • Off-camera lighting: The majority of photographers I have worked with are intimidated by using an off-camera strobe. Even on a budget, you can quickly step-up, practice and become proficient in one of the most rewarding photography techniques, invaluable for weddings, portrait and fashion shoots. Equipment provided!
  • Editing and workflow: editing is an incredibly powerful tool. I have used Adobe Lightroom for a number of years and will show you how to use it to its full potential. Improve your organization and properly back-up your precious work. Cropping, black and white, temperature, spot removal, exposure, gradients, presets, noise reduction, etc. It is all there for a reason so let’s dig in and understand how to achieve solid, consistent, and creative edits.
  • On-camera flash: When and how to bounce, TTL, diffusing, creative techniques, etc. Also learn what NOT to do!
  • Challenging Light: Hard sun, low light, back-lit subjects/ceremonies, dark receptions… there is a way!
  • Creative photography: Speed blurs, light painting and drawing, long exposures, night photography, light trails, blurring people, etc. The fun stuff!
  • Photojournalism: What lenses fit the job? Learn how to prepare and be ready so you can catch the moment instead of wasting time choosing proper camera settings.

Wedding Photographer Workshop

Going on 12 years as a wedding photographer, I offer a one-week individual (or group) workshop covering all aspects involving wedding photography.

  • Learn to maximize your potential and properly use your gear in order to handle a variety of situations and conditions of a typical wedding day.
  • Learn what to expect and how to become adaptable so that you are prepared and confident when the time comes. We will cover a number of skill set techniques mentioned above. You must provide whatever gear you will be using when shooting a wedding. If you are in the process of acquiring new equipment, I will help guide you on what to purchase given your budget.
  • How to be a photojournalist, portrait photographer, and lighting expert, all in one day.
  • You learn the skills by lots of practice and repetition.
  • Editing and delivery.


  • Pricing varies according to the number of people in the class.
  • Individual on-location classes begin at $150 for half a day.

Liam Photography